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Are you looking to get your garage door replaced? Or does your garage door just need to be fixed? Milano Garage Door is the company to call. We are a professional garage door installation and repair company located in Escondido. Our professional and trained technicians are able to repair or install your garage door in a timely manner and will travel to your location when it is convenient for you.

Milano Garage Doors offers services in garage door installation, garage door repair, gate installation, and gate repair. Our team are able to install or repair your gate or garage door when it is convenient for you. If there is a larger issue with your garage door or gate, we will provide you with a new quote and will order the new parts needed to fix your door or gate.

At Milano Garage Door, all of our staff is professionally trained in installations and repairs as well as excellent customer service. We take pride in all of the work we do for our clients and are very happy when they are satisfied with our work. Many of our clients come to us through referrals from other clients. Feel free to call us for a free quote.

Please visit our main website for more information.

Garage Door Repairs - Escondido, CA

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